About the B-SAFE Study

Biomarker and Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation using Electronic Decision Support (EDS)

Funded by the Health Research Council of NZ and approved by HDEC, this study will compare an Electronic Decision Support (EDS) tool with usual care. It will also evaluate the utility of cardiac biomarkers (BNP and troponin) in guiding management of atrial fibrillation.

The study is designed to minimize impact on busy GP practices. The EDS tool is concise and takes just a few minutes to complete. The tool will provide an individualized check list for anticoagulation, steps to reduce bleeding risk, and advice on heart rate control and overall cardiovascular risk management.

Register your interest

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    To register your interest for your practice to take part in this study, send you name, practice, and contact details to b-safe@bestpractice.org.nz and we’ll be in touch.

IN this short video Professor Ralph Stewart (Cardiologist, Auckland City Hospital) will explain more about the B-SAFE trial and introduce you to the Atrial Fibrillation EDS tool.

Further information on managing atrial fibrillation in primary care is available in this webinar produced by the Goodfellow Unit in association with Professor Ralph Stewart.

For Study Practices

Using the B-SAFE Electronic Decision Support Tool

In this short video we walk you through getting started with the AF Decision Support Tool

This is also available as a guide that you can download/print


Patient information sheets and consents

Information for patients with elevated troponin or BNP

B-SAFE PIS for elevated biomarkers 12 JUNE 2017 V4_23.9.20

Participant Information Sheet

B-SAFE Study PIS 12 JUNE 2017 V4_23.9.20