Valida Analytics

About Valida Analytics

Valida Analytics is a clinical and business intelligence system. It uses data from the patient record to deliver performance reports with integrated tools to streamline and enhance patient care.


Valida Analytics is focused on improving health outcomes of a given population. It provides historical, current and predictive views of clinical and practice operations.

  • For organisations – Valida Analytics delivers real time monitoring of the performance and progress of providers across a range of indicators.
  • For clinicians – Valida Analytics delivers a suite of easy to use tools designed to enhance clinical performance and workflow.
  • For practice managers and administrators – Valida Analytics improves the efficiency of chronic care management and identifies opportunities to maximise practice funding.

Functions of Valida Analytics

  • Reporting on disease management
  • Health indicators
  • Register management

The primary goal of Valida Analytics is providing performance management that is easy to implement within the practice.

Why Valida Analytics?


To provide the most appropriate care to the practice or PHO population you need to know:

  • Demographics – Who makes up that population?
  • Conditions and health indicators – What are their needs?
  • Interventions – What actions benefit the population?


To manage the Practice as a business unit by identifying where revenue is being lost and providing a system that allows for it to be rectified.

  • Register management
  • Appropriately funded clinical programmes

Data is extracted directly from the PMS via a secure automated daily data download. This download is easy to set up and the practice can alter the update frequency.