Valida Primary Care suite

The Common Form

To support the Long Term Conditions Management Programme, a new version of the bestpractice diabetes/CVRA and management module has been developed. It is a standardised tool to assist clinical review, disease monitoring and clinical management and replaces the previous short and long CVRA forms and the DAR form.


The Common Form incorporates the following features:

  • Is a dynamic form that will change format based on the clinical information recorded in MedTech and as information is entered into the form i.e. the display for a patient without diabetes will be different to the same patient with
  • Pre-populates all relevant data from the MedTech patient record
  • Where possible all information will write back into MedTech, e.g. smoking status, smoking cessation brief advice or refused smoking cessation will write back the appropriate classification or screening information in MedTech. Manually entered lab result data is not verified, and will not write back to MedTech and will only save on a completed form as an outbox
  • Creates a recall for the patient for their next review or monitoring appointment
  • The algorithms and rules behind the Common form reflect the 2013 update of the NZGG Primary Care Handbook for CVRA, diabetes screening and
  • The common form CVRA is designed to collect only the minimum information needed to calculate risk, thereby avoiding unnecessary clicks. It then prompts with recommended management options allowing clinicians to focus on optimising bestpractice.

The Common Form has been updated to reflect the latest guideline update. To review the changes go to the Resources link at the top of the Common Form.