Valida Patient Review

What is Patient Review?

The Patient Review (formerly known as the Patient Prompt) informs clinicians of important recalls and milestones that require follow up. It provides integrated reminders to regularly update and review areas such as CVD risk, smoking status, cessation and education, cervical smears, mammograms, flu vaccinations and other aspects of a patient’s health records as required.


Valida Patient Review provides the following functionality:

  • Displays a list of reminders pertaining to the health of the currently selected patient.
  • Reminders dynamically adapt in real-time to clinical information recorded in the patient record.
  • Status and measurement updates are written back to the Patient record.
  • Upon completion of an action, the appropriate reminder will be removed.
  • BPAC Clinical Solutions can tailor the Patient Review to the specific requirements and advice guidelines of individual PHOs.

Reference material

  • User guide (coming soon)
  • Demonstration videos (coming soon)

How it works

Patient Review searches for issues in four specific areas:

  • Clinical reviews that are due or imminent (for example, CVD and diabetes reviews)
  • Clinical data that is missing (for example, height, weight, blood pressure)
  • Clinical/lifestyle recommendations that are appropriate (for example, diet/exercise advice).
  • Clinical data indicating action is appropriate (for example elevated HbA1c, not on insulin).

Types of intervention

Where an intervention is desirable, Patient Review provides an optional mechanism to remedy each issue identified. This may involve any of the following:

  • Run another Valida application (for example the Common Form when a CVD review is required).
  • Enter clinical data directly in Patient Review which is written back to the PMS.
  • Provide access to patient information.