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What is Valida Analytics?

Valida Analytics is a secure internet based reporting tool that combines high levels of performance, stability and security with accessibility and ease of deployment and maintenance.

How does Valida Analytics work?

Data is downloaded from practice management systems on a regular basis using the Valida Analytics  extraction tool and sent via a secure internet connection to the Valida Analytics server. Here reports are generated from the data and made available to users on the basis of established access rights.  Tools integrated into the reports allow Valida Analytics to interact with the practice management systems to set alerts and establish recalls.

Within the practice Valida Analytics is launched via an icon on the practice management system Toolbar, connecting the user to the Valida Analytics server via a secure internet connection utilising existing BPAC digital certificates for authentication.

From outside the practice Valida Analytics is accessed via  utilising digital certificates for authentication and user names and passwords for identification.

Help and Support

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