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What is Patient Review?

The Valida Patient Review was developed to provide integrated reminders for practitioners to regularly update and review areas such as CVD risk, smoking status, cessation and education, cervical smears, mammograms, flu vaccinations and other aspects of a patient’s health records as needed.

Process Overview

The Patient Review:

  • Is a dynamic form which changes presentation according to clinical information recorded in the Patient Management System (PMS) and, as information is entered, updates to reflect completed consulations.
  • Utilises current information from the patient record.
  • Writes back updated measurements and statuses to the Patient record.
  • Acts as a reminder for clinicians to follow up important recalls and milestones.

BPAC has tailored the Patient Review to the specific requirements and advice guidelines requested by various PHOs. Therefore not all of the features decribed in the User Guide below will be available in all areas. Please contact your PHO if you would like to discuss the availablility of new features in your area.

Help and Support

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