Support / SeNT referrals

SeNT Functionality

SeNT has in-built referral management capability designed to make life easier for healthcare professionals and to improve the quality of referrals.

The content of all referrals is concordant with the guidelines of your PHO, secondary care providers and national and international standards such as the NICE guidelines.  When completed, the referral is converted into a PDF for saving into the patient’s PMS record.

Referral types

There are three types of referral:

  1. Standard referral forms – these are auto-populated forms with standard information about the patient, clinical information and referrer. They require the referring clinician to complete patient specific referral information before the referral can be sent.
  2. Referrals triggered from within a Health Pathway – Like the standard referral, the referring physician is required to complete patient-specific clinical information. However, these can be initiated from within the Health Pathway environment.
  3. Smart referrals – these referrals auto-populate information from the PMS specific to the clinical area, and may include additional information for the referrer to complete.


Two applications make up the SeNT referral system: Referrals and Referral Manager. For more information on these, visit the links below.

  • Referrals
  • Referral Manager

How it works

For the Best Practice GP system there is a small download of the SeNT widget which is a simple install of our light windows application.  Once installed the SeNT application enables the users to connect the SeNT referral forms with the Best Practice Database API which BPAC Clinical Solutions are contracted to use and send a secure referral to the selected endpoint.

Once you are logged in and have a patient record on your desktop the SeNT widget displays an option to initiate a referral from the SeNT button in the widget.

Help and Support

Further support options are listed below.

  • Valida system FAQs coming soon
  • SeNT demonstration videos coming soon